We encourage anyone and everyone, that is thinking of supporting us, to come and join us on a short term missions trip to our locations in Western Zambia. These missions are held regularly throughout the year. This gives you the opportunity to meet our team, school staff members, and most importantly, students. We truly believe that everyone can benefit from becoming involved and seeing the incredible impact your support has.  Visits are made to the local villages where we come alongside the people to help with basic first aid and show them the love and compassion of Jesus. We also do practical work with the ladies (and anyone willing to help), and in doing so, build up a relationship with them so that we can speak into issues such as cleanliness, HIV Aids and other challenges the community faces. The men in the group help with the practical upgrading of the schools. 

These mission trips are life-changing for our kids and every single individual that blesses us through their support and help. This is a practical way to make a difference and be the hands and feet of Jesus. If you feel that Jesus is calling you to partner with us through short term missions, do not hesitate, to contact us at info@kingsway.africa.


God is with her